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Digital Paralegal Services, LLC® was formed in 2009 by Cathy L. Ribble, ACP as a virtual alternative for specialized paralegal support for attorneys.  Our offices are located just north of Oklahoma City.

Virtual Paralegal Services


During a time when outsourcing often means offshore, there is an affordable home-based solution for attorneys who want to reduce costs associated with support staff employees.

paralegal support for attorneys


Our paralegal team brings you the best in virtual paralegal support on an as-needed contract basis from remote locations throughout the United States.

Meet Our Firm Founder

Cathy L. Ribble, ACP is the inspiration behind Digital Paralegal Services, LLC. After beginning her career as a legal professional in the traditional law firm at the age of 17, Cathy learned every aspect of the law office from receptionist, bookkeeper, law library supervisor, legal secretary and finally paralegal.

Cathy earned her Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) title from the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) early in her career and then took some time off to make her family a priority. She returned to her legal career in 2008, but quickly realized that the traditional law firm position would not allow the work-family life balance and scheduling flexibility which she desired. That is when Cathy first heard the term virtual paralegal and decided to redefine her professional career on new terms.

In 2009, Cathy re-established her professional certification by earning her Certified Paralegal (CP) title for the second time. She invested time planning, networking, learning new technologies and attending business seminars. On September 1, 2009, Digital Paralegal Services, LLC was launched. Cathy achieved NALA’s Advanced Paralegal Certification in the area of Trial Practice in 2011. She is known by her professional demeanor and her attitude of excellence. She believes her greatest career highlight to date has been starting Digital Paralegal Services, but she is excited about the the growth of the company in the years ahead.

Cathy’s extensive legal background has given her experience in many areas of law, with a primary focus on civil litigation in Texas and Oklahoma. She finds both plaintiff and defendant positions interesting. In the beginning of her career she assisted residents of her small home town prepare their legal claims when part of the town flooded. Years later, her paralegal responsibilities included trial support for several federal court cases. Although she had a limited paralegal support role, Cathy was particularly intrigued by the complexities, case management and massive documents involved in the Oklahoma litigation involving the tobacco industry. Some of her most heart-wrenching work included preparation of investigative reports for the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program in cases for Oklahoma abused children. Her supervising attorney’s work in that program eventually led to the founding of Oklahoma Lawyers for Children, providing volunteer attorneys to represent and assist children in the Juvenile Division of the Oklahoma County District Courts.

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Working remotely in the digital age demands commitment to security and confidentiality.


As professional paralegals, we understand that reputations are on the line, and that breaches can have critical ethical consequences. At Digital Paralegal Services, LLC®, we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We are constantly reviewing new technologies and reports which relate to security concerns in the legal industry. We will discuss our technologies with you at the outset, and you are part of that decision making process.


Our paralegals are professionals who have been trained concerning the confidentiality and ethics standards of the legal industry. As members in good standing with the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), we are bound by the Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of that organization. NALA requires a minimum of 5 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) in the area of Ethics for a paralegal’s recertification.


At the onset of a working relationship with an attorney-client, we will perform an internal conflict of interest check as to client and cases names provided by the prospective attorney-client. A conflict of interest check will also be performed with any contract paralegal assigned to your files. You will be made aware of any potential conflicts or red flags. In addition, we maintain a Conflict of Interest Policy outlining steps to be taken by a contract paralegal or other support staff should a conflict arise.


Many of your communications with Digital Paralegal Services, LLC® will occur through email. Documents and files are often shared through a Software As a Service (SAAS) platform such as Dropbox or other cloud-based providers. Your preferences concerning cloud-based services will be discussed, and a plan will be implemented which meets your specifications.