Our experienced paralegals can quickly step into a litigation case to assess deadlines and priorities.

While deadlines sometimes dictate what gets immediate attention, management of the overall case will likely include the following:
  • Comprehensive Litigation Case Management
  • Monitor court docket webpages for filings and new settings
  • Draft correspondence, pleadings, and discovery documents
  • Client phone interviews to prepare discovery responses
  • Document review and productions
  • Bates numbering of documents
  • Witness and exhibit lists
  • Service of process coordination
  • Alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and arbitration preparation
  • Hearing, mediation, and trial notebooks (paper or digital)
  • Internet research and public record investigations
  • Litigation deadlines and docketing
  • Certificate of Service compliance via eService, email, or mail
  • Administrative record preparation
  • Exhibit preparation and organization
  • Settlement package preparation
Litigation Paralegal Services
  • Attorney and court costs motions and exhibits
  • Legal brief review and editing, check case citations; prepare Table of Contents and List of Authorities
    • Trial Court or Appellate Briefs
  • Regular and certified mail printing and processing of printed documents
    • Monitor delivery records and obtain electronic return receipts
  • Electronic filing of pleadings and eService on opposing counsel; monitor filing acceptance by Court
    • ProDoc
    • MyFileRunner
    • PACER
  • Electronic submission of documents for recording – ePrepare; monitor filing acceptance; provide final recorded documents
    • Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, Abstract of Judgment, Release of Lien, Loan Closing Documents, Contracts, Notices, Assignments, Affidavits, Easements
  • Electronic brief preparation
    • Local Rules filing requirements
    • Interactive bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Document and file conversion to digital searchable format
  • Cloud-based document management and organization
  • Archive email records to digital correspondence files


We recognize that every attorney and every litigation case are different.