A New Breed: Virtual Paralegals

Much discussion has taken place in recent months concerning the topic of virtual paralegals.  This new phenomenon – or at least this new terminology – has taken the legal profession by storm.

Traditionally, freelance paralegals and temp paralegals came to the law firm’s office to help out during overload seasons or to fill in while someone was on vacation or sick-leave.

Technological advances and our current economic times have merged and given birth to a new breed:  The Virtual Paralegal.  The terms freelance paralegals and virtual paralegals are sometimes used interchangeably. Both  usually work independently on an as-needed basis.   Both build professional networks and negotiate fees for services rendered.

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Research Apps for Legal Professionals: The Secret’s Out!


Last week’s post by Sally Kane at About.com’s Guide to Legal Careers brought to my attention several iPhone apps designed for high productivity legal professionals.  The iPhone commercial claims there is an app for almost everything you could possibly need, “There’s an app for that!” After reading Sally’s report, I’m beginning to believe that may just be true. If it doesn’t already exist, tell someone your idea and before you know it, you might just have what you need.  The list of available applications for smartphones and web browsers grows by leaps and bounds every month.

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