Attorneys: Why eDiscovery Support Staff Is Critical

By: Angela Masciulli, ACP


Legal technology and eDiscovery is here to stay, but you know that right?  As an attorney, you have probably read numerous articles, case law, and attended CLEs on eDiscovery.  Maybe you have even demoed out a few eDiscovery applications and integrated them into your practice.  You are on top of it.  You’ve got this.  But, what about your support staff?  Wait, what?  You haven’t thought about them?  Stop everything and read on.

Attorneys who haven’t done any of the above, this article is even more important.  If you haven’t had enough time to get up to speed on all of the eDiscovery changes, make sure that at least your support staff does.  We can provide a safeguard to keep you out of hot water.  Assembling a legal team with eDiscovery knowledge is critical, regardless of your eDiscovery knowledge, and here’s why.

  1. Ethics and compliance. You must effectively represent your clients under the ABA model rules and local bar rules, as well as be compliant with new laws, including the newly amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  A staff that knows what it takes to be compliant in an evolving legal industry driven by technology is cost-effective and smart.
  1. Sanctions exposure. Judges, especially federal judges, are increasingly impatient with attorneys who are not technology and eDiscovery proficient.  How do you think a judge would rate your eDiscovery knowledge in the federal judge’s eDiscovery survey by Exterro?  Assemble an eDiscovery knowledgeable team to keep you compliant and less likely to receive sanctions.
  1. Efficiency and cost. Discovery is expensive and can account for 20-50% of civil case discovery, or approximately $200-$250 million annually.  The actual cost of eDiscovery is hard to pinpoint, but it could be significant, especially as more cases involve electronically stored information.  Support staff that understand the eDiscovery process can keep costs low and help avoid expensive discovery mistakes.  Clients are less willing today to pay for expensive, outdated processes.  Embrace legal technology and eDiscovery best practices to keep clients happy.  After all, that’s what it’s all about.  Not sure how your legal skills rate, you can learn more here.
  1. Bringing eDiscovery in-house. Because of the cost of eDiscovery, many clients are encouraging in-house eDiscovery management.  New technologies are providing user and cost-friendly options.  A support staff can help you manage the in-house eDiscovery transition.
  1. Take your practice to the next level. Have you not really dealt much with eDiscovery in your practice, but want to become one of the go-to firms for eDiscovery because of the numerous opportunities that exist?  You will then definitely need eDiscovery-trained support staff so you can properly delegate and grow your business.

All of these reasons are enough to pick up the phone or send an email to Digital Paralegal Services, LLC to assess your eDiscovery needs, but we have even more good news.  You do not need office space, an attractive benefits package, or a parking space for your new eDiscovery support staff.  Be even more agile and cost-efficient when you add an independent, virtual eDiscovery professional with Digital Paralegal Services, LLC.  We only work when you need us to and can immediately bring a wealth of information and experience to your cases.  Not sure what tasks an eDiscovery paralegal consultant can do?  We can help with that too.  Paralegals with an eDiscovery background have important roles in every EDRM eDiscovery phase.  Do not wait until you are the subject of sanctions, cut client bills, or in the middle of bringing eDiscovery in-house.  Be proactive, compliant, and agile.  Be cost-conscious and keep clients happy.

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  1. Hey Angela,

    It’s so important for everyone to stay updated with technology nowadays. I had no idea that attorneys and eDiscovery are moving that fast. Indeed, good support helps you stay updated.

    Thanks for the great post.


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