“There just are not enough hours in the day to do everything myself! I want to improve my work-life balance by delegating tasks, but no one is available. I keep reading and hearing about virtual paralegals and virtual assistants as affordable options, but I wonder: Where can I find virtual support which meets the needs of my law practice?”

Solo and small firm attorneys often share these same thoughts. For both groups, virtual paralegal or virtual assistant support is often the perfect solution provided you find the assistant who matches your needs. The first step is deciding what task(s) you want to delegate. That list will grow quickly if you could find the right person. Your next move will be checking out the following sources to identify the names of virtual paralegals or virtual assistants who have experience in your practice area.

Attorney Referrals. Word-of-mouth referrals from another attorney are often the best way to quickly locate reliable virtual support if you are under a deadline crunch. A referral adds immediate credibility and gives you confidence as you make this paradigm shift. You probably know at least one other attorney who has used a freelance, temp, or virtual paralegal. Don’t forget the contract research attorney you used last year. There is a strong possibility that he has worked with a virtual paralegal who has proven to be trustworthy and reliable.

Social Media. There is no doubt about it. Social media is here to stay. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are great sources for virtual paralegal referrals. Most virtual paralegals or virtual assistants utilize social media to build their businesses. Monitor a virtual paralegal’s tweets and posts for a few weeks to observe the level of professionalism and knowledge. Talk to attorneys and paralegals and let them know what you need. They will be more than happy to make suggestions. Try these search terms: virtual paralegal, paralegal services, virtual assistant, virtual support. You can also search the Twitter hashtag #virtualparalegals.

Internet Search Engines. Google and Bing search engines often bring different names to the top of the search results. Consider the search term “virtual paralegal blog”. Many virtual paralegals maintain their own websites and blogs, particularly those who have chosen the virtual path as their full-time employment. Blogs are particularly helpful in identifying writing skills and analytical thinking abilities.

Paralegal Professional Associations. A truly professional virtual paralegal will maintain a membership in one or more paralegal professional associations to stay abreast of changes in the legal industry. Check with your local or state paralegal association, or contact the following national associations to find a paralegal in your practice area or jurisdiction who has shown an interest in working virtually. Be aware that some paralegals offer services in this manner on a full-time basis, while some paralegals are merely trying to supplement their income. The latter group is likely to be available only for evening and weekend assignments.

National Association of Legal Assistants
National Federation of Paralegal Associations
Paralegal Gateway

Virtual Assistant Organizations. There are several virtual assistant organizations which will be happy to help you in your search. Although these organizations are more general in nature, some of their members focus on legal support services for attorneys.

Virtual Assistant Networking

Virtual Paralegals and Virtual Assistants. Most virtual paralegals and virtual assistants are consummate professionals. They know you are most likely to be happy if you find the right person. If the paralegal or assistant you are interviewing by phone does not seem to be the right fit, ask her if she knows someone who has a stronger skill set in the particular practice area you need. Last week, I readily admitted to an attorney that I had no experience with class action litigations, and I am happy to make referrals under those circumstances.

Attorney Coaches and Legal Staffing Recruiters. As the concept of virtual paralegals and virtual assistants has become more accepted by attorneys, those professionals who coach and mentor attorneys have become quicker to suggest this viable solution. Ask your coach, mentor or local legal staffing professional if they personally know a virtual professional who could help you. Once again, personal referrals go a long way in establishing a firm foundation for a virtual relationship.

A paradigm shift to virtual paralegal or administrative support does not have to be occur “cold turkey”. Test the waters. Identity one project or case. Decide on one candidate. Give it a trial run. Assess the pros and cons. Refine the process. Change the candidate if needed. You’ll never know unless you try it. Many attorneys have a great experience, and they stay with the same virtual paralegal for years. As the trust level grows, the number of cases, tasks and projects you trust to your virtual paralegal will grow. Before you know it, a virtual paralegal has become your right hand, and you will probably have never even met him or her in person.

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