“Litigation can be a rollercoaster. Several cases may come in a flurry, or none may arise for several months.  Maintaining staff for the peak periods can be a sizable ongoing cost for salaries and benefits.  On the other hand, not having people when needed can result in overlooking crucial information, making mistakes, or missing deadlines.” (It’s Discovery Time — Do You Know Where Your Electronic Data Is? Michael J. Connor, Contributor, Litigation Support TODAY, November 2009/January 2010)

If you are a litigation attorney, paralegal or legal secretary, the rollercoaster picture and quote above evoke all-too-familiar feelings which you have experienced firsthand.  Those feelings of being dangerously close to out-of-control.  Attorneys have been fighting this battle for years.

Perhaps, you are a solo or small firm practitioner with an established, but yet small, practice which for the most part excludes litigation.  You find yourself with a welcomed new client, and suddenly you have 10 or more active litigation files in various counties governed by various court rules and practices.  Those feelings of being dangerously close to out-of-control surface for you now.

In the midst of our current economic recession, many attorneys are considering for the first time a working relationship with a virtual support professional to deal with those “out-of-control” times.

An ongoing relationship with a virtual paralegal is a viable alternative for many reasons.  The most important reason is simply that you are not required to pay for office space, equipment, full salary and employee benefits for an employee.  You can get the additional support on a contract basis, paying only for the services you need.  It’s a better fit for your bottom line.

Maybe that bottom line would also look better if you lined up someone who could bill your clients on a regular basis.

I urge you to consider, however, that it is always best to have a plan for those peek times of productivity or need for specialized assistance.  You’ve heard that saying, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Don’t wait until the crisis hits to begin your search for future support needs.  Don’t miss any deadlines.  Don’t miss that critical information.   Don’t make a critical mistake because you did not have the support you needed.

Begin your search today to locate the virtual paralegal who can assist you when that next major project or litigation spurt comes in your practice.  Remember, virtual paralegals are often highly specialized professionals with years of legal experience.  We network with other virtual paralegals, and we operate on a system of referral networks just like attorneys.   There is a virtual paralegal out there who meets your unique needs.  Great working relationships develop over time.  That doesn’t mean they can’t be packaged in the quantity you need.

If you need help locating a virtual paralegal for your practice, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected].   I will be happy to help you locate a virtual paralegal for your specialty area.

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