As we continue to take a look at how the Virtual Litigation Paralegal (VLP) can complete your litigation team, today we are going to look at the area of Initial Investigation and Research.  This phase includes a general background investigation of all parties from available internet resources, a process now commonly known as “vetting”.

While the attorney is the only one who can accept representation of a client, the VLP can be of great assistance to an attorney during the initial phases of a new case.  Attorneys who specialize in a particular area of litigation often receive numerous telephone referrals of potential new clients.  The VLP can gather preliminary information through a telephone interview.  In many instances, an attorney can then quickly determine if he is interested in further discussions with the potential client.

The VLP can prepare detailed interview forms to your specifications so that no detail is forgotten during the interview process.  As the interview is completed, the VLP can verify legal names of the parties, last known addresses, gather relevant information posted on social media websites, identify pending litigation, discover property owned and often estimated value of assets.  As data is gathered and documents obtained, an initial chronology of events will be prepared together with an initial exhibit and witness list.

If the case involves medical records, the VLP can obtain complete copies of medical records and billings, summarize treatment by various providers and build a detailed medical chronology.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at how the VLP can support you through the filing of the Petition/Complaint or an Answer and Counterclaim.

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