While studying for the NALA certification exam, I began bookmarking all my favorite web sites with legal information.  I became frustrated as I tried to locate comprehensive resource web sites for paralegals.  I had to visit many different web sites to find the information I needed.

Now that I had this information I wanted to list it in one place which could be accessed by other paralegals.  I learned that purchasing a domain name for a web site is not a difficult task, and I read that building a basic web site with templates was not such a big deal.  I enjoy learning and expressing my creativity, so I started the web site Paralegal Prompts.  I found Weebly.com, purchased a domain name, and then I began experimenting with the available tools for building a blog and a web site.  Before adding too much content, I changed the design several times.  I published it so that I could test the feedback on the design and the content.

Sometimes dreams and visions for our careers come to you with comprehensive, step-by-step plans.  Detail-minded people love that.  All you have to do is organize the steps into a logical, progressive plan, and then begin working the plan.  On other occasions, however, dreams and visions come to you as seeds which need to be watered, fertilized and nurtured.  They need time to sprout roots, grow leaves and develop branches.  As new growth occurs, pruning may be required so that the dream blends in with the landscape of your lifetime goals and responsibilities.

After several designs and some pruning, Paralegal Prompts has a new, more professional image.  I think I’m getting closer to the changing vision in my head for its design and purpose.  Now, I can start adding the wonderful resources I’ve accumulated.  What can I say?  Sometimes, you just have to step out to find out!

3 thoughts on “PARALEGAL TIDBIT: Sometimes you just have to step out to find out!

  1. This is a terrific article. I’ve found that so many things SEEM daunting and that may stop you from stepping out. When you organize the steps as you’ve suggested and tackle one step at a time, the process may not look so bad after all. Knowing that you can and will make changes during the process makes stepping out even easier. Thanks for the insight, Cathy!

  2. Cathy, you know we Southerners are known for our redneck sayings, including, “Sometimes you just have to step IN it to find out!” 😀 Seriously, some of the best things that have happened to me in my life have been the result of pure curiosity (which we also like to say “killed the cat” but Mama, not always! 🙂 As I’ve gotten to know you on Twitter, and watched your career and your fantastic website bloom, you have been a wonderful inspiration to me. Thanks so much for stepping out!

  3. Cathy, you have done a very good job of combining the blog and website approach. The site is simple (in a good way!) and easy to dig into. Congrats on your stick to it approach.

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