Lynne DeVenny

Lynne DeVenny

While reading Vicki Voisin’s newsletters and listening in on The Paralegal Mentor Mastermind calls, I began hearing Vicki talk about Twitter.  I had seen the little blue bird flying around, but had no real knowledge as to what it was all about.  Social networking was stuff my kids were doing.

I finally decided to set up my own Twitter account (@CathyRibble) to see what all the fuss was about.  I took a look at the people Vicki was following, and then I looked at the people who were following her.  I began reading the user profiles and began observing how the users were interacting with each other by making 140 character posts called “tweets”.  The Twitter platform says “What are you doing?”  I wanted to start posting, but I thought to myself, “Who would be interested in what I’m doing ?” and “What could I say?”  I finally ventured out, and boy am I glad I did!

I have become friends with paralegals from all over the United States.  I can follow paralegals, attorneys, law-related vendors, inspirational people, and motivational people.  I found interesting legal articles I would have never found.  Heck, I probably would not have even searched for them!  I learned legal blogs are sometimes called “blawgs”.  I learned about webinars and teleclasses on many different subjects.  I began to see what was happening with legal professionals in real time.

I observed people building relationships, and I started building some relationships myself. Fairly soon after I joined the Twitter party, I came to know Lynne DeVenny, a/k/a @ExpertParalegal.  Lynne celebrates the paralegal profession at her blog, Practical Paralegalism. Lynne is quick to celebrate the accomplishments of paralegals nationwide, congratulating them for their hard work.  I consider many of Lynne’s blog posts to be feature articles because they are thoughtful and insightful.  From her many years of experience, Lynne is able to point out a tip or lesson from many different angles.

Sometimes that lesson to be learned is “bad press” for the paralegal profession.  A paralegal made some wrong choices and is experiencing the consequences.  She covers the good and the bad.  She poses interesting questions for paralegals.

If you catch Lynne on the right day, her picture shows her wearing these crazy eyeglasses with a smile that just makes you automatically laugh!  She has many different glasses in wild and crazy colors!  I think she might be the heart and soul of paralegals across the country morphed into one fun loving, investigative legal reporter who never sleeps!

Follow Lynne on Twitter (@ExpertParalegal) and don’t forget to visit Practical Paralegalism.  You’ll be glad you did!

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