Updating your resume can be a daunting task!  The old one I pulled out of my career file looked…well, shall we say old and outdated.  It was! While the main content of a resume may be similar, resume styles have certainly improved.  That alone is a reflection on your ability and professionalism.

I went back to Google and began searching paralegal resumes.  I found some samples and began making changes.  A word of caution here!  All forms found on the internet need to be carefully reviewed and critiqued by you.  Your resume should reflect your professional style.  Use that form as a starting place.  I also suggest you begin reading articles by attorney Sally Kane at About.com:  Legal Careers.  My understanding of the current paralegal job market began to expand as I read paralegal career articles.

Always keep your written resume updated as you learn new skills and gain new experience. In fact, you should schedule that update process on your calendar.  If you suddenly lost your job and needed to look for a new one, it would be difficult to recapture with clarity all of your accomplishments and skills.  Once a case is behind you, some of the details begin to fade.  The same truth applies to the use of our skills.

Begin building an online resume and professional network at LinkedIn.com.  Professional relationships matter.  You can build a network of professional relationships from the people you talk with every day.  They do not have to be your boss!  As noted in several paralegal blogs recently, it is important to build your network before you need it!

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Beware of Online Sample Paralegal Resumes

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