Experienced. Elite. Expert. Electronic.

Advantages of Engaging e-Paralegals™

  • Senior level paralegal expertise to help you serve your clients
  • Traditional law firm experience
  • Remote office location
  • Flexible business hours
  • Verified credentials (certification, education, and continuing legal education)
  • Conflict of interest policy (initial check and ongoing policy)
  • Team support for overflow or backup
  • Customized technology solutions for document and information exchange which meet your requirements
  • Savings:  You are billed only for the time that your e-Paralegal™ is working on your assignment.  No overtime, vacation time, sick time, training, professional development, personal calls,  payroll taxes, health insurance, retirement benefits, office space, furniture, computer, software, equipment, general office supplies, coffee breaks, no unexpected repairs or maintenance, insurance, or property taxes
  • Detailed invoices allowing you to pass along the cost in accordance with your client fee agreement
    • Higher paralegal rate based on accepted standards for your geographical location and practice area
    • Dollar for dollar direct reimbursement by your client.  Please review your local professional and ethical requirements concerning reimbursement of fees paid to third party.