What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial: Six Things Your War Room Must Have

Going to trial can sometimes seem as if you are going to war.  You suit up – putting on your finest armor and best effort, yet sometimes you still hit brick walls all day long during a trial. Having a well-organized place to concentrate and collaborate during trial can calm the trial tension.  A “war room” basically serves as an office away from the office with all the comforts of the office back home.  Sounds simple enough, right?

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What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial: Pre-Trial Organization

What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial (Series)

Most paralegals never get the chance to go inside a courtroom. That fact may be lost on most of the legal population.  Approximately half of the paralegals in the Civil Litigation job category of the National Association of Legal Assistants 2012 Job Analysis Study listed Trial and Pretrial work as important in their day-to-day activities. That could be because their cases never go to trial, or because the attorney may not realize how helpful a paralegal can be during pre-trial and trial. Preparation is key, but trial is the ultimate goal.

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