Attorneys: Why eDiscovery Support Staff Is Critical

Legal technology and eDiscovery is here to stay, but you know that right?  As an attorney, you have probably read numerous articles, case law, and attended CLEs on eDiscovery.  Maybe you have even demoed out a few eDiscovery applications and integrated them into your practice.  You are on top of it.  You’ve got this.  But, what about your support staff?  Wait, what?  You haven’t thought about them?  Stop everything and read on.

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What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial: Six Things Your War Room Must Have

Going to trial can sometimes seem as if you are going to war.  You suit up – putting on your finest armor and best effort, yet sometimes you still hit brick walls all day long during a trial. Having a well-organized place to concentrate and collaborate during trial can calm the trial tension.  A “war room” basically serves as an office away from the office with all the comforts of the office back home.  Sounds simple enough, right?

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What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial: Pre-Trial Organization

What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial (Series)

Most paralegals never get the chance to go inside a courtroom. That fact may be lost on most of the legal population.  Approximately half of the paralegals in the Civil Litigation job category of the National Association of Legal Assistants 2012 Job Analysis Study listed Trial and Pretrial work as important in their day-to-day activities. That could be because their cases never go to trial, or because the attorney may not realize how helpful a paralegal can be during pre-trial and trial. Preparation is key, but trial is the ultimate goal.

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Six Reasons Technology Is Important To Your Paralegal Career

Significant change is underway in the legal industry.  Technology is revolutionizing legal processes, court functions, and how many attorneys and firms work and manage cases. Judge and client expectations are evolving with new technologies too. Now is the time for paralegals to adapt to a rapidly changing legal market, not only to do their best in their current positions, but potentially expand their career.

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Back to School Series: Connecting the Dots

Much of early education is spent trying to tackle the skill of writing, specifically the intimidating task of the child’s name.  Parents and teachers may use any number of techniques to tackle this ability, including the most common method of connecting dot-to-dots on a lined paper tablet.  With due diligence and patience, the dots are slowly taken away and a child can begin to both recognize and trace their own name.    It is a big deal.  The significant milestone proves to be a confidence booster, of sorts.  Once a child has mastered the skill of writing, nothing is off limits.  The refrigerator, books, toys and even the wall in the bedroom soon display the acquired proficiency.

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Back to School Series: Class Rules

September is almost here and the new school year is upon us.  Although kids are the ones going back to class, attorneys and paralegals could use a curriculum refresher too.  Lessons learned in kindergarten are often forgotten, but are proven to be fundamental to the building blocks of success in life and business.  Legal professionals would do well to remember those early lessons.

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Small Beginnings from Deep in the Heart of Texas

Born and raised in the small town of Graham, just ninety miles outside of Fort Worth, I was deep in the heart of Texas.  Springs filled with bluebonnets, falls filled with football – it was home.  Our claim to fame was America’s Largest Town Square.  Located in that square was the Young County courthouse – where I began learning about the intricate workings of the civil litigation process.

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Why Do Lawyer Coaches Suggest Outsourcing to a Virtual Legal Assistant?

3 Common Reasons Solo Attorneys Call a Virtual Legal Assistant

Smart lawyers often learn from their peers by engaging in mentor relationships.  Some take it a step further and retain professional services of a lawyer coach.  From time to time in my 6-year virtual paralegal practice, I have been privileged to receive referrals from lawyer coaches.  A recent referral caused me to re-examine just exactly why the referrals are made.  After consulting with a number of lawyers who are prospective clients for Digital Paralegal Services, I find some common threads.

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6 Warning Signs You May Not be Ready for a Virtual Paralegal Relationship

This article was originally published by Debra Bruce at Raising the Bar Law Practice Management Thoughts and Tips on May 1, 2012.  Debra is President of Lawyer-Coach LLC.   She draws on her extensive legal experience, as well as a degree in Psychology and well over 500 hours in training as a professional coach, to help lawyers improve their management skills, increase productivity and bring in more business.

A virtual paralegal relationship is not the solution for every solo or small firm attorney. After consulting with many prospective attorney-clients over the last 3 years, I’ve begun to recognize some repeating patterns. You may not be ready for a virtual paralegal relationship if several of these warning signs resonate:

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