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Taking Time for Memories

Today is December 13th, and as I write this article, I am looking at my 9-foot Christmas tree filled with ornaments triggering so many memories.  The 20-year old ceramic Santa from my dear sweet friend who is just like a sister…the plastic spoon snowman made by one of my children during preschool years, the sparkling blue and silver glitter ornaments of every shape and size for that year when we needed something new and fresh in our Christmas celebration…the small round glass ornaments from our first Christmas as husband and wife…the Texas ornament from a paralegal friend when I moved out of state…the oh-so fragile ornaments that belonged to my husband’s grandmother…the three wise men reminding me of the reason for the season…the special memorial ornament for my granddaughter Berkley.

Memories are important, and at this busy time of year, we often miss so many easy opportunities to create lasting, meaningful memories with people who matter.   Business relationships are important.  At the heart of those relationships are real people just like you and me – people with families.  People who have only so many hours and days with too many demands to fill that time.   Come to think of it, that sounds like every day in a legal professional’s life!

Why not grant your business associates a little mercy this year?  Give them the benefit of the doubt.  By letting them know this season is important to you, you might just unknowingly grant them permission to actually take time to enjoy the season and make lasting memories with the people most important to them.  These gifts can be budget-friendly, and the value is priceless to the recipient.

Other memories are not quite so easy during the midst of the added responsibilities of the season.  I just returned home after a few days away from the office to help my parents.  You see, my mom has developed dementia issues this year.  Some days are nearly normal, but increasingly the days present new challenges in communication, locating missing items, endless Medicare paperwork, managing medications and doctor visits.  My sister and I chose to create memories one day by setting aside the everyday tasks which will continue to demand our attention for years to come.  We took Mom out for a special lunch and some Christmas shopping.  We laughed and we laughed, but yet, my sister and I cried and cried in silence as we see Mom slipping away – not knowing if there will be another year to create Christmas memories with Mom.

There are 12 more days until Christmas…I hope you will join me in taking time to do what matters most with or for the people who matter most.  I don’t want to live in regret for missed opportunities to create lasting memories.

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  1. Cathy – Thanks for sharing your tree and your thoughts with your readers. Your post is a good reminder to be appreciative of those we love (and like) every single day.

    Peace & grace,

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