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The Paralegal Landscape Has Changed

The Paralegal Landscape Has Changed

The current economic recession has taken its toll on many businesses and service industries, and the legal industry has been no exception. Numerous layoffs have been reported nationwide, and law firms everywhere are seeking the most cost effective way to provide necessary and quality legal services to clients who are demanding that costs be reduced.

The American Bar Association addressed the subject of virtual paralegals in its article entitled Outsourcing for Small Firms and Solos: Virtual Paralegals. The ABA stated,

“Many functions lend themselves to being performed virtually, including that of a paralegal. A virtual paralegal still works under the direction of an attorney; the main difference being that a virtual paralegal works from a remote location, on a contract basis rather than as an employee. ” A virtual paralegal enables solos and small firms to take advantage of the economy that effective use of a paralegal can provide to a practice, on an as needed basis.” (Emphasis added.)

How Can Outsourcing Help You?

How Can Outsourcing Help You?

• Outsourcing is simply delegation of a specified task to a qualified and trained professional paralegal.

• Attorneys have always delegated tasks to assistants, whether a legal secretary, a legal assistant, or a paralegal

• Delegation to a virtual paralegal will reduce your administrative costs and keep your firm budget under control

• Obtain additional or alternative support without incurring the added expense of office space, paid holidays, paid vacation, sick leave, health insurance benefits, paid parking, professional expenses, and retirement plan contributions.

• Improve your work flow and turnaround with clear communication and deadline control

• Maintain a professional, confidential and secure work product without sacrificing your client’s legal budget

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