Attorneys who use virtual paralegals on a contract basis realize significant savings over the employee staffing model of traditional law firms.  This alternative solution is not a “one size fits all” solution.  Solo and small firm attorneys choose virtual paralegals working from a remote location over having any in-house employees.  Mid-sized and large law firms add contract virtual paralegals to supplement the traditional law office staff as trial settings and deadlines fluctuate.  Corporate law departments are also reaching out to contract virtual paralegals to supplement the services provided by outside law firms.  Partnering with a contract virtual paralegal allows attorneys to manage the rising cost of litigation one project at a time.

Virtual paralegal, freelance paralegal, independent paralegal, paralegal consultant, remote paralegal, independent contractor — all of these terms define a growing movement in litigation paralegal services.

Digital Paralegal Services, LLC® offers contract litigation paralegal services to attorneys from a remote location.  With senior level expertise and experience, we are committed to bringing you results in the most efficient way possible.

Clients want reduced legal fees which results in attorneys seeking more efficient and less expensive paralegal solutions for litigation case management.  Litigation means endless scheduling order deadlines to comply with federal, state, local, and even judge-specific court rules.  Most cases involve large volumes of documents which must be reviewed and managed.  Discovery requests, responses, and document productions require hours of paralegal time. Mandatory electronic court filings and electronic briefs require seasoned professional paralegals familiar with current technology.


Engaging the services of a virtual paralegal has benefits!

  • Senior level paralegal expertise to help you serve your clients
  • Traditional law firm experience
  • Remote office location
  • Flexible business hours
  • Verified credentials (certification, education, and continuing legal education)
  • Conflict of interest policy (initial check and ongoing policy)
  • Team support for overflow or backup
  • Customized technology solutions for document and information exchange which meet your requirements
  • Savings:  You are billed only for the time that your paralegals are working on your assignment.  No overtime, vacation time, sick time, training, professional development, personal calls,  payroll taxes, health insurance, retirement benefits, office space, furniture, computer, software, equipment, general office supplies, coffee breaks, no unexpected repairs or maintenance, insurance, or property taxes
  • Detailed invoices allowing you to pass along the cost in accordance with your client fee agreement:
    • Paralegal time is often billed to clients at a higher rate based on accepted standards for your geographical region and practice area.
    • Dollar for dollar direct reimbursement by your client.  Please review your local professional and ethical requirements concerning reimbursement of fees paid to third party.


We value our clients and the feedback they provide.

“Cathy Ribble and her organization have provided exemplary services to my firm and my clients for going on 7 years. Contact and communication has been seamless, and projects are completed quickly and efficiently. Digital Paralegal Services carries a heavy workload of litigation files for my various clients, and also helps with office administration, letter drafting, general legal research and client relations. I could not operate my firm without Cathy’s help. Her professionalism and organizational skills have served my firm very well.”

G. Ellis, Texas

“Cathy Ribble provides invaluable services to my law practice.  I don’t know what I would do without her help!  Furthermore, she is a true professional who puts the needs of her clients first.  I know I can always count on her to get the job done whatever it is.”

C. Kelley, Texas

“I have worked extensively with Digital Paralegal Services for over five years now, and found Cathy to be an invaluable resource to solo practitioners and small firms alike.  In sum, Cathy sweats the details so you don’t have to, at both the federal and state level.  I have repeatedly recommended Digital Paralegal Services to the attorneys I brief for, and their glowing feedback closely matches my own experience.”

J. Acker, Texas